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Last Year’s Updates!

I can’t believe my last update was in June last year! Then again, it doesn’t feel like that long ago… Here are the highlights from last year: My parents came to live with us in London for 6 weeks, which was fantastic having them around. I spent a lot of indulgent time traveling around Europe … Continue reading

One year later

So much has changed since my last update only two months ago, both personally and professionally and as it is my one year anniversary of embarking on GA’s Web Development Immersive, I figured I’m due for an update. April was tough. Here are the highlights: I flew to America to have minor heart surgery We moved … Continue reading

On the hunt

I thought it would be useful to write a little bit about what has happened since the course ended and about our interaction with GA and potential employers since then. Right after the course I went off to Estonia for a week for some much needed family time and relaxation. It was an awesome trip … Continue reading

Week 7 and 8

So again missed a week but last Friday we were in the midst of project 2 work so I didn’t have time to update unfortunately. The weekend before last was very tough for me as we were doing a javascript To Do app and I had missed so much of javascript that it was really … Continue reading