Learning Web Fundamentals: HTML & CSS

I read a really great explanation of HTML and CSS somewhere online that described it as the following: HTML is the skeleton of a website – it’s the structure, the bones, how things move and function. CSS is the flesh and skin – it makes things pretty, colourful, bold, emphasized, it positions them in relation to one another and decorates the page. This is really helpful when you’re learning these two languages for getting a better understanding of what it is you’re doing and how they work together. Mozilla Developer also has a really good basic breakdown of what HTML is here.

So last Friday I spent the majority of the day working through the HTML and CSS: Web Fundamentals track on Codeacademy. I already had a basic understanding of HTML from my travel writing WordPress days for Bootsnall, though I had forgotten a good amount. Fortunately, I’ve been chipping away at this track on Codeacademy for a while now, which meant I got through it a lot quicker and also had some vague memories of how to use HTML accumulated over time.

HTML is fine, basic, and easy to use. I hate using <> just because my hands find it awkward to quickly find these characters on the keyboard without messing up more often than not, but it’s all very intuitive at the level I’m functioning on now. I moved onto CSS stuff about half-way through the module and found it even easier than HTML. There is far less extraneous punctuation and it makes a lot of sense, and of course, the reward is a lot prettier than that which comes from HTML.

The only thing I am struggling with a bit is the positioning on CSS and how things sit with, in, on top or near one another. This, I’m sure, will just take some more practice, and I’ve got a few other tutorials to work through with Mozilla developer, CodeSchool and General Assembly. But I’m looking forward to this as I want to feel as confident as possible about using HTML and CSS before the course starts as these are the backbone of understanding how to code and build websites.

I’ve got a bank holiday weekend coming up, and I suppose, even though I’m not technically working, this time off can still apply to me. I intend to review a bit of the Codeacademy track as a refresher at some point during this sunshine filled 3 day holiday, and maybe do a bit of command-line practice. It looks as though we’ve skipped Spring and jumped straight into summer, and I’m pretty sure no one is complaining.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 2.45.53 PM


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