Week 7 and 8

So again missed a week but last Friday we were in the midst of project 2 work so I didn’t have time to update unfortunately.

The weekend before last was very tough for me as we were doing a javascript To Do app and I had missed so much of javascript that it was really frustrating for me to deal with. I eventually had to actually give up and this was the only homework I haven’t managed to complete. Monday we had review of it though which was useful and gave me some more perspective into how to use javascript. On Tuesday we had more javascript and for homework we had to use TFL API in order to view all the markers on a map and click on the info windows to view the images from those locations. Again, I sat down to do this with James P. and with Will and we worked through it together. It was tough but I actually started to understand the way javascript worked and working with them was really helpful.

Wednesday we had projects assigned. We were meant to be working independently but after speaking with Michael about group work, he reconsidered and chose to do assigned groups instead. We were also given a project assignment, so we had no say in who we worked with or what we worked on. I was put in a group with Luke and Emile, and unfortunately we wound up with a wifi-network app – an app that basically enables you to add network SSIDs and passwords and share them with their friends. Not only is this somewhat illegal, but it is also unusable in that if you don’t have internet access, you can’t exactly go to a website to look up the SSIDs and passwords… not the best idea, but nevertheless, it was our assigned project.

So we started with drinks in the pub on Wednesday night and got all our modeling and mapping down on paper. The summary of last week really was mainly project work plus some morning lessons each morning. Over the weekend I came into GA both days to work more on the app – I basically did all the friending functionality of the site – viewing friends, adding them, setting relationship statuses, sending the friend request, accepting and denying friendships, and all of the user views and functionalities. This time around everyone was encouraged to use HAML so that was good that I had a bit more experience with that so it didn’t slow me down. One of the things that did slow me down the most though was the seed data – we had originally used the faker gem to get seed data but this got corrupted when we added new fields and wasn’t really useful. So I had to scrap all that and reseed my database manually which was screwed up by some validations I had implemented. It was incredibly frustrating and I kept getting errors thinking our code was bad when it was just our database that was corrupt. Oh well, lesson learned.

Luke works incredibly quickly, so he blasted through our project, implementing not just all of the network functionality (adding user networks, linked to wifi networks, sharing them, etc.) but he also managed to blast through an enormous amount of javascript for the google API on the front page, and also a very cool friend pop up notification using javascript. Very impressive stuff. After this was all done, I wanted a bit of practice with javascript as well so I created a div on the home page for non-registered users (when you’re logged out of the site) that uses javascript to render “punched out” text that you can see the background image through. This is created using canvas and it has coordinates all over the div so that when you click on where the Sign Up and Sign In words are (anywhere within those mouse coordinates) it recognizes that you’ve clicked in those places and creates a link to the corresponding pages. So cool! However, I absolutely cannot take credit for making this because I worked with Gerry, one of our TAs to do it. I basically talked through with him what I wanted to do and he showed me how to do it, so now I will know for the future.

I spent the rest of the week doing CSS for the site. Emile made the background image/map customization and the logo and icons at the top of the page. I did all the rest of the CSS for the site, which was a lot of fun and good practice as I’m getting more used to it.

We finished the whole app yesterday at around 5:30 and so Luke and I went to the pub for a celebratory drink and were soon after joined by the instructors and a few other students in the class who had finished their work for the evening. Today we had all morning to code but we just did a few tweaks to CSS, prepped for our presentation, and had a huge panic moment when we found a bug, but with Michael’s help, were quickly able to solve it.

So presentations begin this afternoon – there are only 5 groups this time so it will be quicker and I’m excited to see everyone’s projects. And so without further ado, here is our website! It’s live so feel free to register, login and have a browse of the site, add networks, and friends and share your wifi info!

Enjoy our site: UNIFI

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 1.39.31 PM


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