My name is Andrea Kennedy and I live in London, England. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but grew up in northern New Jersey,  where I lived until I was 21.

I attended Rutgers University where I studied English literature and History. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a 35,000 word dissertation in the history of science, which won 2nd place in the History department, as well as a University wide thesis award.

After moving to London post-graduation and working for Groupon for four months in London as a marketing executive, I then attended the University of Cambridge to do an MPhil in the History of Science from 2011-2012, as a member of Clare College. One of my essays written in this course, on Victorian natural history illustrations, won the W.T. Stearn Student Essay Award, and will be published in the Archives of Natural History in October 2013.

After graduating from Cambridge, I worked for English Heritage as a historical research consultant for nine months and really loved it. I got to work on Osborne House (Queen Victoria’s seaside retreat) and Audley End House, and loved the research to pieces. However, sadly, the economy is not kind to the heritage industry, and less kind to young grads trying to break into it.

Therefore, a year after graduating from my master’s program, I have decided to make a career change and pursue becoming a web developer. I have always been passionate about design and have taught myself Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, and I think learning development would be a perfect complement to these skills. I figure I already spend the majority of my life on a computer anyway, so why not be more productive about that time and learn a skill set that is valuable, marketable, and engaging.

This blog is devoted to highlighting this transition in my life, listing my tasks, failures, accomplishments, frustrations, proud moments, and general thoughts about switching from a strong background in the humanities to a career in the tech world.

On June 16 I will be beginning my 12 week intensive Web Development Immersive (bootcamp!) to learn to become a web developer with General Assembly. Wish me luck!


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