Week 2 Reflections

Right, so I’m a little more tired than I was last week, which is funny because the homework took less time this week. But surprisingly I miss Ruby. Here’s why. On Monday we had a review of the stock homework we made over the weekend. Mine actually worked but it didn’t sell (I forgot to … More Week 2 Reflections

Week 1 Reflections

This was the first week of the GA Web Development Immersive. Last Saturday before we started the course, we all met at GA for an installfest, to get our computers up to date, and to meet the instructors and the other students. It went relatively quickly and afterwards most of us went to the pub … More Week 1 Reflections

Let’s Git it On

I finally finished the Ruby tracks in the pre-course work, and I’ve also completed the Git tracks as well, which means – I’ve finished all of my pre-course work! So, does this mean I am a Command Line, HTML, CSS, Ruby and Git expert!?!?!? Yea… not even close. In fact, having spent the last week … More Let’s Git it On

Welcome to Ruby

Last week I started to learn Ruby. I began by doing _why’s Try Ruby, through Code School. To be perfectly honest, despite all the raves about this site, I actually didn’t find it very effective, and even got lost! This was really discouraging as all I’ve heard from everyone was that Ruby was the easiest … More Welcome to Ruby